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Bereaved In Southampton Meetup Group

Join our social group on the Meetup website, where you can take part in many different activities and meet others who have lost a loved one. The Meetup site contains many other groups you can also join when you feel ready.

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The Centre for The Grief Journey

The website of Dr. Bill Webster, our friend and mentor, where you can find lots of information about bereavement, including videos of Dr. Bill speaking and articles he has written.

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Simon Says child bereavement support

The website of the locally based charity for bereavement care for children of all ages, including local groups and a support line.

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Winston’s Wish child bereavement support

This nationally based website contains much valuable information about supporting bereaved children.

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Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

A national organisation catering for those who have lost someone to suicide. Their website contains resources for those who are bereaved and those who wish to provide support.

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WAY Widowed and Young

A very supportive website for those aged under 50 who have lost a partner. The site includes information on such practical matters as breaking the news of the death of a parent to children and dealing with paperwork.

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